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Saturday, November 10, 2012
Why Catholics Failed in the 2012 Presidential Election

 Source: Associated Press

The Novus Ordo Catholic Church has failed. 

We have failed in our duty to Almighty God and to country.  We should be utterly ashamed of ourselves.  But then again, how could we expect anything else now that the Catholic Faith has been virtually eliminated from the face of the earth these past 50 years?  Catholics don't know their Faith and they don't care.  They don't revere our Lord and His Holy Name or His divinely instituted Sacraments?  They don't respect the priestly (and the newly ordained priests don't either!)

As many of you are aware (if you are a regular blog reader), the Latin Mass is truly universal and transcendent.  It is also the litmus test to determine if a person is truly a Catholic.  If someone were to claim to be Catholic and oppose a return to the Mass of the Ages and criticize it (despite it being the unbloody re-presentation of Christ's Sacrifice on the Cross) how could such a person truly be a Catholic?  The past two generations have entirely lost the meaning of what it is to be a Catholic since no one is any longer living a Catholic life!

Only a full return to the Tridentine Mass can restore Catholicity and unite Catholics (by driving from the ranks of so called Catholics who support grave evils).  And this should come as no surprise - the Tridentine Mass is Catholic at its core and is at its core opposed to the evils of the modern world (i.e. the six components of liberal Catholicism that are destroying our Church). 

Catholics - the country's largest religious group with one-quarter of the population - have supported the winner of the popular vote in every election since 1972. 

Reuters/Ipsos exit polling found that 51 percent of Catholics favored President Barack Obama, compared with 48 percent for Republican contender Mitt Romney. A report by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life had a similar finding, with 50 percent of Catholics for Obama and 48 percent for Romney, the same as the popular vote in the general population.

Hispanic Catholics were far more likely to favor Obama - by 76 percent to 23 percent - than white Catholics, who favored Romney by 56 percent to 43 percent, according to the Reuters poll. Black Protestants favored Obama by 97 percent to 3 percent, while white Protestants favored Romney by 69 percent compared to 29 percent for Obama.

Source: Reuters
According to the exit polls from the 2012 Presidential election, 51% of Catholics voted in favor of the pro-abortion, anti-Catholic Obama while 49% voted in favor of the pro-life candidate.   Even more discouraging is the continued trend in which states that contain large number of Catholics - even the majority of the states population - have consistently voted for anti-Catholic Democrats (and Republicans at times).  Why is it that New England is a Democratic stronghold even though 36.6% of Conneticut's population is Catholic or 37.1% of New York is Catholic?

 Source: USCCB News Release as of 2008 Official Catholic Directory

This is a betrayal!  This is a crime by these so-called Catholics.  So if you see one of these people in your life (e.g. in class, on the subway, at work) tell them they are not welcome to call themselves Catholics.  They are not welcome to have Catholic weddings or funerals or use their connection with the Holy Catholic Faith for their personal/financial growth.  They are no longer welcome at Mass.  They are not welcome in our lives. They are not Catholics and should be radically removed from Catholic circles.

The Church has been betrayed.  True Catholics can no longer be silent as apostles of Judas continue to betrayed our Lord.  We will not be silent any longer.


del_button November 12, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Chris Whittle said...

I hear you Matthew!

First of all, either major candidate was not in favor of the Catholic teaching on homosexual marriage, despite what the secular media said. When running Massachusetts (the state I live in), Gov. Romney did nothing to stop abortion or same-sex "marriage" when the state Supreme Judicial Court ruled that discrimination in marriage was "unconstitutional." (This was known as Goodrich v. Dept. of Public Heath in 2003.)

In terms of the Catholic identity in Massachusetts, it is under attack more than ever. Cardinal O'Malley in Boston is set to announce a plan on Thursday, Nov. 15th, 2012, the Feast of St. Albert the Great, that will eliminate 53% of the current 288 parishes, after years of having over 500 parishes back in the day. [The press conference will be streamed live on]

As many are aware, Cardinal O'Malley is not in favor of Catholic Tradition, and will most likely eliminate 3 out of the 4 diocesan parishes that offer the TLM regularly, including the one I attend, which has one daily, and travel 30 miles one-way to attend Sunday Mass. What makes it worse is that if my parish priest, who is the most orthodox in the archdiocese, loses his pastorship, he'll most likely end up on the street like Archbishop Lefebrve was at one point when trying to found the SSPX.

Anyhow, the SSPX has a mission that is in an office building, but obviously, that is not affected by these closures.

When I see that Massachusetts is 42% Catholic, I don't buy it one bit. There has not been a Pontifical High Mass since the 1960's, and I don't see one in the near future unless a Traditionalist archbishop is appointed for Boston, which I pray that happens on a daily basis.

del_button November 12, 2012 at 7:34 PM
Matthew said...

Very well said, Chris. Thank you for sharing your comment!

del_button November 12, 2012 at 9:22 PM
Michelle H said...

Hispanic Catholics voted for Obama instead of Mittens who openly wanted them to "self-deport" themselves back to Mexico. Can you really blame them for voting for the other guy?

del_button November 14, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Luke-Jr said...

You lack the authorty to make condemnations as you do here. Those of us who are better informed are aware that Romney is NOT pro-life, and he is also MORE anti-Catholic than Obama. Romney advertised only two positions during his campaign: fully pro-abortion and "pro-abortion if you say it will cause you mental harm" - his voting record is clearly a straight-out pro-abortion. Romney is also a bishop of the Mormon sect, which aims to use politics to eliminate Catholics.

Neither Obama nor Romney are reasonable votes for a Catholic, and it is imprudent to claim Romney is a "lesser evil" of any sort. To affect any kind of change for the better, Catholics need to support whatever third-party is most in line with Catholic teaching; this year, that was Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. Whether God provides the miracle we need or not likely depends on the Catholic vote, and voting for either Obama or Romney was a vote AGAINST such a miracle. Keep that in mind!

del_button December 16, 2012 at 3:34 AM
Anonymous said...

I agree with most of this article. My dad voted pro-abortion this election and got into an argument with his friends about it saying "If my daughter were to, God forbid, get pregnant, I wouldn`t want her to have to take care of it if she isn`t able. I would support her decision". He called me and told me about it later, thinking I would agree with him and encourage him, but in the end I said "Dad, if I were mature enough to be having sex, I better make darn sure I am mature enough to be a mother. My irresponsibility and passion doesn`t give me the right to take the life of an innocent. I am not God and I never will be and how dare you call yourself a Catholic and expect me to follow the teachings when you yourself don`t. Either agree with all the teachings of the Church or don`t call yourself universal.". He quickly hung up...

del_button January 12, 2013 at 1:45 PM
Anonymous said...

Luke-Jr...I don't know how you can say that Romney was more anti-Catholic than Obama; Obama is the one trying to bully the Church into distributing contraceptives, thereby violating the Constitution's freedom of religion. Obama was the one who, as a senator from Illinois, voted numerous times to withhold basic care from infants who had survived abortions--infantacide, plain and simple. Voting for third-party candidates is not a viable solution as the odds of such a candidate winning the election is astronomical; Romney may not have been perfect (he certainly was not) but he would have been a vast improvement over Obama, the man who is ruling, not governing, but ruling like a third-world dictator.

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