Thursday, September 25, 2014
Book Review: AA 1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle

Back in the 1960s the memoirs of a secret Communist agent were discovered by a French nurse named Marie Carre while attending to an auto accident in which the agent was killed. In his briefcase was found a set of biographical notes which she kept and read, and then decided to publish because of their extraordinary content. The end result is a little book entitled, AA 1025---The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle, which reveals the sentiments and plans of this Communist who had deliberately entered the priesthood (along with over a thousand others) with the intention of subverting and destroying the Catholic Church from within. The following excerpt is taken from his notes:
"It was during those days that I launched on the market the program that would allow Catholics to be accepted by Protestants... I prophesied with assurance the suppression of Latin, of priestly vestments, of statues and images, of candles and prie-dieu (so that they could kneel no more). And I also started a very active campaign for the suppression of the Sign of the Cross. This Sign, and also genuflections, are all ridiculous customs. I also prophesied (and we were then in 1940) the disappearance of altars, replaced by a completely bare table, and also of all the crucifixes, in order that Christ be considered as a man, not as a God. I insisted that Mass be only a community meal, to which all would be invited, even unbelievers... I searched for the means of suppressing the Pope. I consoled myself by hoping that we would surely succeed in making him look foolish."

Over the past few days I finished this book and it is alarming what has happened in the past 50 years that the Communist, atheistic agents sought:

  • Emphasis on "the Lord's Supper" instead of "The Sacrifice"
  • The use of the Mass in vernacular
  • The abandonment of the High Altar for a bare table
  • Communion in the Hand
  • Less use of the phrase "Real Presence"
  • Communal Penance sessions
  • A New Canon that specifically included removing the reference to Christ's "Holy and Venerable hands"
  • Elimination of the talk of indulgences
  • A shift to the focus of the rights of man instead of the rights of God
  • The abandonment the original schema for Vatican II developed by Traditionalists like Archbishop Lefebvre
  • And much more
This short book is a testament that evil is real and in our midst and that the enemy can hide behind a facade of holiness, when in fact they seek to subvert the Church and create one world religion focused on man.  The best thing that we can do to resist this is to always hold true to the Traditions of our Fathers and reject all novelties.  The Communists would frequently mask their evil behind seemingly good intentions; but they knew that the consequence of their work would ultimately be detrimental to the Faith.

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del_button April 1, 2019 at 7:22 PM
janeymcelroy said...

I read this book probably 20 years ago, and I haven't forgot it, I being born in 1952, went to parochial school most of my child hood, and being taught by Irish nuns. Any way I've had a hard time dealing with some of the changes in the church
but when I was taught, we were taught the fear of God. I know He's all loving and forgiving. I guess the point I want to get across is if the church was infiltrated by the communist, I can't help but feel that all the child molestation is also a way to destroy the church and is this part of that infiltration?

del_button April 1, 2019 at 9:50 PM
Matthew said...

I have no doubt that the infiltration discussed this in book by Communists and freemasons has led to the collapse of the Faith we are seeing today and its rotten fruits - one of the most grave of all is the diabolical molestation of children.

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