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Sunday, September 7, 2014
Book Review: Peter and the Foreverland

Imagine if Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, and the rest of your favorite characters from the Peter Pan stories were actually actors in an apocalyptic end-of-time saga between God and Satan. Sound interesting? Well, that’s exactly what Jack Sky has done with this first installment of his youth series, Adventures in Peter Pan’s Foreverland - Pirates of the Apocalypse.

You’ll recognize some familiar faces from Catholic history in this fantasy story for children and teens. Peter Pan—actually Saint Peter the Apostle—is aided by a band of angel-fairies, including Prince Michael the Archangel and Tinker Bell, along with a cast of saints in alter egos that you will discover along the journey of this end-times fairy tale.

Three children—Anastasia, Stephen, and Alex—are recruited by Peter to assist in the ongoing battle against Captain Hook (a.k.a., Captain James) and his pirates. Only things are not what they seem to be. Even the pirates don’t realize the true identity of their Captain—the “evil one,” himself.

The story opens with Captain Hook and his band of pirates traveling on the Jolly Roger pirate ship from the “Mainland” to Foreverland Island, the home of Peter Pan. The ship is filled with precious treasure captured from the Mainland, where people no longer believe in the “evil one” and the Captain can apparently capture unwitting souls at will. Captain Hook thinks he can sail right into the heart of Foreverland and take the island from Peter. He has become bold indeed!

But as the story unfolds, it is clear the Captain has more than met his match with Peter, the angels, and their three latest children-recruits. The Captain believes he can kill Peter and secretly bury the pirate treasure in the heart of Foreverland. But his plans are easily defeated by Peter and his friends. Yet, as the novel ends, it is clear this is only the opening salvo in a greater war between God and Satan at the end of time.

Adventures in Peter Pan’s Foreverland is told with a whimsical lightness that younger children will certainly enjoy. It is an interesting read, filled with several humorous scenes. Jack Sky’s clever use of alter egos adds a bit of anticipation as the reader meets several figures from Church history that are sure to please.

Adventures in Peter Pan’s Foreverland - Pirates of the Apocalypse is sure to please young readers, who will easily spot a fun story wherein there is no doubt the good guys will win the day.


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