Friday, July 8, 2005
Eucharistic Miracles

As Catholics, we believe in transubstantiation where the bread and wine actually become the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ at Mass in the Holy Eucharist). After this has taken place the only thing remaining of the bread and wine is the accidents. This philosophical and theological term refers to the sight, taste, smell – those items which concern the senses. There, however, have been occasions where even the accidents have vanished and the Eucharistic Host has visibly changed into human flesh and blood, proving that at Mass, even though our senses deceive us, that the bread and wine actually become the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Several times through history the divinity of Christ in this Supreme Sacrament has shown through the bread and wine in rare but miraculous events. These Eucharistic miracles not only confirm the Real Presence but also that Jesus Christ remains with us. The Miracle of Lanciano, Italy (8th Century); Cascia, Italy (1300s); Turin, Italy (1453), Sienna, Italy (1730) are just a few of these miraculous events. Others have occurred even within the past few decades. 

These stories are just some of the many such miracles that have occurred, and which still defy science. Visit the website of the Real Presence Association. They publish many different PDFs on these miracles. Print some off and share them with anyone you can.

During any Mass that is valid, the host is consecrated, and therefore Our Lord is present under the species of wine and bread, no matter how the reverence of the priest and of the assistants treat Him. This occurs even when the priest himself has doubts as to the Real Presence. 

In fact, Church history shows us that Eucharistic miracles often occur because of doubt or irreverence. At Lanciano, the priest doubted the Real Presence. At Cascia, the priest was irreverent by putting the host in his breviary for a sick call.

Remember, that whenever the mass is valid, Our Lord is present. God freely manifests His power by a miracle to rectify the attitude towards the reality of the Eucharist. May these miracles lead to greater reverence for our Lord in the Eucharist and the conversion of all outside of Holy Mother Church.

Learn more at the Real Presence Association

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