Thursday, July 28, 2005
The Two Pillars

The Vision of St. John BoscoI feel compelled to write this after naming my blog "A Catholic Life" because this story is fundamental in the journey of a Christian life. Everyone will agree that there are many ways to grow in grace. "Grace is first and foremost the gift of the Spirit that sanctifies us", which includes the Spirit working through the Sacraments (CCC 2003). We, unlike the people of the Old Testament, have the greatest grace ever in our hearts at ever Mass when we receive Holy Communion.

Salvation is not possible outside of the Catholic Church (more info). Everyone is called to holiness to be with God through the One True Faith established by Christ, and as today's Gospel illustrates, we must look after ourselves and the state of our soul first and foremost. For the day of the harvest will come, and we must ask ourselves: "If that day was tomorrow, would I be ready?"

I found an article yesterday describing a vision from St. John Bosco, who envisioned the Church as a boat that could only be saved when between two pillars: The Eucharist and Devotion to Mary. This is a vital part of the Christian Life: without the Eucharist we have no hope, and without Mary we lose a powerful intercessor and a loving Mother.

In the dream the boat of the Church was lead by its Pope through the sea with many ships nearing it to attack. Suddenly the Pope falls ill but upon rises up. Then he falls a second time and he dies. The other ships erupt in joy, but a new Pope rises up in the old one's place and steers the vessel between the two pillars -the Eucharist, which the Pillar states is the "Salvation of Souls," and the other pillar is the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which says, "The help of Christians."

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del_button July 11, 2018 at 6:53 PM
jongricafort said...

Great post.
I agree Mary & the Eucharist is the surest Way to enter the Kingdom of God, if one persevere like St.Paul exclaimed "it's no longer I who lives but Jesus". St.Paul already experiencing full transformation in imitating the Life of Christ with the hidden help of Mama Mary. As the Ven.Mary of Agreda reveals Mama Mary's Wisdom prevented the gospel writers to mentioned Her Role so that all believers will focus only on Jesus.Mama Mary's role will only be revealed to the humble and those soul who loves purity and embraced the highest virtue of Obedience to the Pope & Church Magisterium.
Disobedience is a sickness of the soul, that a pious soul sometimes cannot see because it's too close to him to recognize his fault.Godbless

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