Thursday, December 22, 2005
Perfect Birthday Present for Jesus Christ

What are you giving Christ for His birthday? It seems that so many people don't understand the true stories behind the giving of gifts. The truth is that Jesus is the reason for our season. We celebrate the second greatest day of the year when Christ took human nature, knowing that He had assumed a human nature for the purpose of dying for us.

And, Christ was not born in glory, but rather in a small manger - a feeding container for animals. And, there, in swaddling clothing, the King of Kings was born in complete humility and poverty. This is what Christmas is about - thanking Christ for His love! Our God came and saved us! But, He is not gone. He is still with us as He promised. And, today we see Him truly present in the Holy Eucharist. We remember during this season of Advent the three comings of Christ (1) in Bethlehem as a person, true man and true God, (2) in the Holy Eucharist, (3) in the Final Judgment when the world and all peoples shall be judged.

So what present are you giving Christ in season? My advice - give Him your heart, a pure heart. Go to Confession before Christmas and seek the Lord's forgiveness. Develop the habit of going to Confession weekly (at least every other week)! Seek out Christ, who so loved us that He was born in humility knowing that He would die for us. Cleanse your heart and receive Him on Christmas Day in Holy Communion.

May Christ reign in your heart, cleansed and restored to grace through the Confessional.

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del_button December 22, 2005 at 8:34 AM
Anonymous said...

God Bless and Merry Christmass.

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