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Tuesday, December 6, 2005
St. Nicholas

Optional Memorial (1969 Calendar): December 6
Double (1955 Calendar): December 6

Today is the feastday of St. Nicholas, the model of the modern-day Santa Claus. St. Nicholas was from the 4th Century and was Bishop of Myra. The many churches built to honor him and the stories about him are all testimonials to his holiness. St. Nicholas is best remembered for his compassion towards the poor. Born at Patara in Lycia, a province of Asia Minor, he became bishop of Myra and became known for his zeal and piety. He was present at the Council of Nicaea and condemned the heresy of Arianism.

In one story, St. Nicholas saved three unjustly incarcerated officers one time, and at another time, he saved three boys from death. St. Nicholas helped one man, who couldn't pay the dowries for his three daughters by throwing gold through the window of the home. He did it several times and each was done secretly until the last time when he threw the gold in the home. The man inside saw him and was overjoyed in thanking him.

St. Nicholas is an example of a man living a life for Christ Jesus, Our Lord and God. He did great actions but we too must do the same. We don't have to go throw gold in windows or anything like that, but we too are called to be a saint. A saint is simply defined as a person in Heaven and we all are called to this joy. Imagine being in the greatest joy, the presence of Our Lord, for all eternity. That is what was made possible on through the Cross and Resurrection. Don't just believe in Jesus, but follow Him! "Faith without works is dead" (James 2:26)

Patron: against imprisonment; against robberies; against robbers; apothecaries; bakers; barrel makers; boatmen; boot blacks; boys; brewers; brides; captives; children; coopers; dock workers; druggists; fishermen; grooms; judges; lawsuits lost unjustly; longshoremen; maidens; mariners; merchants; murderers; newlyweds; old maids; parish clerks; paupers; pawnbrokers; perfumeries; perfumers; pharmacists; pilgrims; poor people; prisoners; sailors; scholars; schoolchildren; shoe shiners; spinsters; students; thieves; travellers; unmarried girls; watermen; Greek Catholic Church in America; Greek Catholic Union; Bari, Italy; Fossalto, Italy; Duronia, Italy; Portsmouth, England; Greece; Lorraine; Russia; Sicily;


O God, Who didst adorn the blessed Bishop Nicholas with countless miracles: grant, we beseech Thee, that by his merits and prayers we may be delivered from the flames of hell. Through our Lord.

Prayer Source: 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal
Image Sources: Believed to be in the Public Domain, Titles Unknown


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