Thursday, December 8, 2005
Why do some say "Chosen God"

I was listening to a presentation today on a novel when it came time for question and answer sessions. One person asked the speaker, "What role does religion play in the novel? Does the author truly come to believe in a religion?"

Her answer was "Well it depends on some things. It depends on her chosen religion and deity..."

That is just wrong! There is one God - Jesus Christ. There are not more than one true faith and all people are called to be part of it. The speaker made it sound like one religion is true for one person when a separate one is true for another. That is heresy.

"True Faith cannot be found outside the Church" (Singulari Quidem and Singulari Quandem, Encyclical of Pope Pius IX)

But, there is ONE GOD. Everyone is free to believe what they want, but it was Jesus Christ who died on the Cross. It was Our Lord who formed us in the womb, who guides us through life, who would willingly die for us. What do you think Heaven is? Heaven is the ability to be in the Most Perfect Presence of Jesus Christ for all eternity. To those atheists reading this, how do I know this? The answer can't be calculated, tested, or explained easily. The answer can only be encrypted in one's soul, and it is imprinted after each Eucharist. Receiving the Eucharist (The Body and Blood of Our Lord) is Our Joy. When you are asked "Why do you believe in the Catholic Church". The answer is again simple - because God is there. We don't rely on external data. We let our heart, our emotions and love for others, guide us.

Again, anyone can believe what they want, but remember there is no "chosen deity" or faith but only one faith - that of Jesus Christ.

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del_button December 11, 2005 at 3:06 AM
Anonymous said...

probably, one of the mose arrogant and illogical claims i have ever heard a human being (limited and ignorant, by the way) make.

you allow the freedom of others to believe in what they choose yet what you believe in is the truth? then even you haven't allowed this liberty upon yourself since your belief wasn't based on choice, it was based on straight objective knowledge! so, at this point, a christian faith is not a matter of faith but a matter of duty and necessity; we are to depend on the validity of Christ as we do rely on certain characteristics of gravity or math. if your beliefs are such objective truths, why is it even in the bible that calls people to have faith? shouldnt the bible have called people to have logic instead? because if it was logic that God required of people, then such a powerful verse like Hebrews 1:11 would never have been included since you presume the bible is infallible and a verse that contradicts what the bible is calling for (faith) would prove its infallacy. its a belief, faith and hope; not knowledge, logic or certainty.

maybe you should have a socratic approach to your own faith and dialogue with angostics, other christians, atheists and people of other religions as well. maybe if you could test your own faith of great criticism and scrutiny, it would prevent you from making such absurd statements that are a mockery to the human potential.

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