Friday, January 20, 2006
Anniversary of Roe V. Wade Approaching

News Update: The man who shot Pope John Paul ll in the early 1980s has now been re-arrested. When he was arrested he said, "I am the messiah." How sad... May he see the light of Christ espeically through John Paul ll, who knew the real Messiah - Jesus Christ.

Also, The anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the decision that legalized abortion, is approaching. On January 22, it will have been 33 years of legalized murder of the unborn.

"The cemetery of the victims of human cruelty in our century is extended to include yet another vast cemetery, that of the unborn. " - Pope John Paul ll

There are 46 million abortions globally each year. Thankfully some countries have outlawed abortions, but other have not. [Click here for abortions laws]

Let us pray especially with the anniversary of abortion approaching in the US. In the US, 1.3 million of our brothers and sisters are murdered! Let us unite in Christ! Let us be one in the same spirit and fight against this! Faith demands a response. Don't sit idlely go out an peacefuly protest, pray, and preach. Go out - faith demands action!

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del_button January 20, 2006 at 8:29 PM
Tom.... said...

gee....think there is any link with the rise of abortions and the problems with replacement population in so many "civilized" nations. The US is barely staying even.

del_button January 21, 2006 at 9:15 AM
Antonia said...

Although I am not a US citizen and I don't live in the US, I follow Roe v. Wade closely, because it seems like the country where I live currently (Singapore) follows in US' footstep in its laws. Abortion on demand up to 24 weeks is legalized here in 1974, and its policies regarding other bioethics issues is always just a step behind the US. Just like tom pointed out, Singapore is also barely replacing its own population.
My prayers for this year's anniversary is that this unlawful 'law' may one day be repealed.

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