Sunday, April 30, 2006
Beatification of Father Augustine Thevarparampil

Father Augustine Thevarparampil (1891-1973) , known as the apostle of the untouchables, was born in Ramapuram, India on April 1, 1891. At the age of 33, on Dec. 17, 1921, he was ordained by the Servant of God Mar Tommaso Kurialacherry. He was commonly called "Kunjachan" which means "little priest". In 1923 he was sent as vice parish priest for the Church of St. Sebastian in Kadanad, but his poor health forced him to return to his former village in 1926.

During this time of illness, Father Augustine became aware of the miserable living conditions of the untouchables - the lowest caste of the Indian society forced to perform degrading works. Father Augustine devoted his life to evangelization and fighting for better treatment of the poor including the untouchables. He baptized over 6,000 people during his life.

Father Augustine rose at 4 AM each day, celebrated Holy Mass, and then he went out into the world for Christ. He helped resolve disputes, preached the Gospel, and cared for the sick. Father Augustine would particularly love to visit children. The children would flock to his side when he visited their village, and he would give them any sweets that he had on him.

Father Augustine lived modestly and entirely spiritually. He was a servant of God. His will begins: "I possess neither land nor money, and I owe no one anything. I want my funeral to be a very simple one."

On October 16, 1973, at age 82, Father Augustine, the priest that cared for the poorest of the poor, died. His tomb attracts thousands of pilgrims.

He was declared a Venerable by Pope John Paul ll back in June 2004. His canonization process, which began on August 11, 1987, continues now. A miraculously healing of a boy's clubfoot was attributed to his intercession leading to his beatification today. Cardinal Varkev Vithayathil presided in name of Pope Benedict XVI at the beatification of Father Augustine Thevarparampil.

Please say a prayer for his canonization and if you receive favors through Blessed Kunjachan's intercession, inform the following people so that he might be formally canonized. If you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Augustine, please contact:
The Vice-Postulator
Cause of Blessed Kunjachan
St. Augustine's Forane Church
Ramapuram Bazar P.O
PIN: 686576- Kerala, India

Ph: 04822-262481, 260323

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Julie D. said...

Fascinating! Thanks for the info ...

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