Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Memorial of St. Apollonius the Apologetic

Thanks to John from the St. Blogs Parish Hall for reminding me that today the Church remembers my patron saint for 2006. As most of you know, I received this saint through the Saint for the Year drawing, where individuals have a name randomly picked from them out of a container of 1,500 names. I am unable to fulfill more requests now because the kind person doing the drawing of the names is not available, but I would gladly relay the name to her if you would like a saint. It may take a few weeks though. I apologize.

Anyway, today the Church remembers St. Apollonius the Apologetic. He lived in 185, and lived the faith until his death. He was a Roman Senator, who was charged as a servant by one of his slaves. Now, the law at that time dictated that any slave that brings a charge against his master must be executed, so the slave was immediately executed.

Sextus Tigidius Perennis demanded that Apollonius renounce the faith, but Apollonius refused. In one of early Christianity most eloquent and brillant defenses of the faith, Apollonius revealed himself as a true servant of God. Apollonius, however, was condemned and beheaded - faithfully serving God to the very end.

Because he was my patron saint, I knew that God had revealed him to me for a reason. I had never heard of him and made sure to research him. And, it's only April but when I look back on this year, I've really tried to become more eloquent at defending the Catholic faith like Apollonius. I've set up websites and talked with numerous people in person and online. While I doubt any of them rushed out to convert, I hope and pray I left a mark on them that God will use to bring them to the Church. I'm very thankful for having St. Apollonius as my patron.

St. Apollonius the Apologetic, pray for me!

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del_button April 18, 2006 at 11:57 PM
Diego said...

Good Day!!! :)

You have a nice blog.. I indeed learned something from some of your posts...

Hope you could visit mine too... :)

Bye and God Bless!!! :)

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