Thursday, March 8, 2007
Updates on Me and My Vocation

I wanted to post an update on my vocation and information on some things that I have done lately.

Last Monday night I attended another discernment meeting for the priesthood sponsored by my diocese. With Eucharistic Adoration, Dinner, Vespers, and a spiritual talk, it was enjoyable. I am still certain that I want and am being called to serve as a priest, and I enjoy attending the meetings each month. At the end of this month I will complete another important step to becoming an official seminarian - the final step. Hopefully I can be an official seminarian for my diocese in April. All prayers are very much appreciated!

In addition, I have proudly completed one of my 2007 Catholic Resolutions by purchasing a 1962 Catholic Missal. I have been searching for one for months, and I recently found one available through the Internet for only $35. I was very excited when I received it on my doorstep today. I must say - it is a wonderful missal. For information on this missal, check out Our Lady of the Rosary Library. Now I hope to find a parish sometime in the future and attend my first Tridentine Mass!

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del_button March 8, 2007 at 10:32 PM
Anonymous said...

Intresting fact: I am applying for the University of St. Thomas, (St. John Vianney College Seminary)! The first two years of formation for the Archdiocese of Denver are taken there, and then the other 7 take place at the local Archdiocesan seminary in downtown Denver. This is the set process with the exception of being sent to Rome for the whole thing. In this case, you most be a really good seminarian! Anyway, if I went, I would be able to meet you. I am going to visit in November or December, and I know you will be there. We most make arrangments before you leave! God bless!

del_button March 9, 2007 at 3:29 PM
Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and fingers-crossed (if required).

The old Missal is lovely. :)

del_button March 11, 2007 at 3:12 AM
Anonymous said...

OLRL has a lot of great stuff for cheap prices. For some reason, random people always talk to me about religion and their questions about Catholicism (I have a rosary on my car, but I do not wear scapulars, crucifixes, medals, or anything that would make me stand out, I wear, unfortunately, typical clothes of those my age)... anyways, OLRL has plenty of great material about the Church and why one must be Catholic (booklets & flyers) and sacramentals such as Green Scaps that are always nice to give away after you've finished convincing them :)
PS, Most Jehovas Witnesses come first Sundays I think, brush up on apologetics and be ready to exchange materials with them

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