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Friday, June 23, 2006
Holy Trinity Prayer

Dear Holy Trinity, united in perfect love. You are three conceived in one Being. Oh, Holy Trinity, come down upon me for I, Your poor miserable servant call upon You.

Oh Father, You are mighty and have done great things for me. I am Your servant. Use me as You wish. O, loving, caring, Jesus, You have saved me from total damnation. How shall I repay Thee? Love, Peace and Joy? Dearest Holy Spirit, without You I would be lost. You give me the strength I need. Holy Trinity, I submit myself to You. Amen

Praised be to the Holy, undivided Trinity.


del_button October 19, 2012 at 5:54 PM
Anonymous said...

I am contacting you regarding the Holy Trinity Prayer on your A Catholic Life Website, that offers Catholic catechism courses and am surprised to find it there.

I was searching for a traditional prayer to the Holy Trinity and came across this everywhere. Its origin is Medjugore. When I read it, I was struck with the fact that something is wrong with it, and indeed upon closer examination found that the wording is very troublesome. It presents an incorrect theology on our Triune God. Catholics and Christians believe in an uncreated Trinity that is one in three persons perfect unity. This prayer says “You are three conceived in one Being." It is wrong to say God was conceived, he was not. He is the one eternal god, who could conceive Him?

Please take the time to look into this matter. You state on your website that you want to provide a preservation of authentic traditional Catholicism, as practiced before the Second Vatican Council. I don't think this particular prayer fits within those perimeters.

Thank you for your concern.

Friday, June 23, 2006Holy Trinity Prayer

Posted by Matthew

Dear Holy Trinity, united in perfect love. You are three conceived in one Being

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