Thursday, June 8, 2006
A Prayer of Reparation For Unbelievers

Believe in the Gospel and Jesus Christ and everything shall be granted unto you! Only through repentance and the Sacraments can we ever find inner peace and strength.

Why do you doubt Jesus Christ? Do you believe that Alexander the Great existed? Do you believe King Tut existed? Why would you doubt Jesus Christ? There are many proofs of His life, death, and Resurrection.

Look at the faith of the martyrs, the apostles, and the saints. Would all of the 11 faithful disciples have died for the Faith if they were making it up? Look to the fact that the Church has survived every persecution that was thrown against it. Coincidence or the will of God? After all, the Catholic Church has been persecuted more than any other church. Study Ancient Rome and see.

Look to the place of Jesus's Ascension. The spot where Christ had stood could never be covered with the pavement; and more than that, the marble slabs placed there burst upwards into the faces of those who were laying them. The footprints in the dust there prove that the Lord had stood on that spot: the footprints are discernible and the ground still retains the depressions his feet had left. This is one small miracle of the many such miracles in our world.

Look at the Miracles of the Holy Eucharist and the apparitions of Mary. Study the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, Italy, or the one in Sienna, Italy. These are just some of the many! Look at the Miracle of the Sun witnessed by 70,000 people in Fatima in the year 1917. This was supernatural!

Numerous saints including St. Pius X, St. John Vianney, etc. are incorruptible - their bodies have never decayed. Sixty-two canonized saints/blesseds received the stigmata, the visible wounds of Jesus Christ on their hands and feet including:
  • St. Francis of Assisi (1186-1226)
  • St. Lutgarde (1182-1246)
  • St. Margaret of Cortona (1247-97)
  • St. Gertrude (1256-1302)
  • St. Clare of Montefalco (1268-1308)
  • Bl. Angela of Foligno (d. 1309)
  • St. Catherine of Siena (1347-80)
  • St. Lidwine (1380-1433)
  • St. Frances of Rome (1384-1440)
  • St. Colette (1380-1447)
  • St. Rita of Cassia (1386-1456)
  • Bl. Osanna of Mantua (1499-1505)
  • St. Catherine of Genoa (1447-1510)
  • Bl. Baptista Varani (1458-1524)
  • Bl. Lucy of Narni (1476-1547)
  • Bl. Catherine of Racconigi (1486-1547)
  • St. John of God (1495-1550)
  • St. Catherine de' Ricci (1522-89)
  • St. Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi (1566-1607)
  • Bl. Marie de l'Incarnation (1566-1618)
  • Bl. Mary Anne of Jesus (1557-1620)
  • Bl. Carlo of Sezze (d. 1670)
  • Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-90)
  • St. Veronica Giuliani (1600-1727)
  • St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds (1715-91)
  • St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) (1887-1968)
I appeal to all unbelievers, please believe! I care about your soul! Believe because the only thing keeping you from doing that is sin and Satan. Satan wants you to be condemned to suffer in Hell just like he is condemned. The five ploys of Satan include spreading doubt about God's existence. Believe and follow Jesus Christ and you can be saved. He is the pearl of great price in the treasure field.

But above all - faith is a gift from God. It can not be learned or bought, it is a gift from God. Please, what do you have to lose? Please open yourself to the reception of the virtue of Faith.

Prayer of Reparation for those that don't believe in Our God:

O Most Merciful Heart of Jesus, Divine Mercy-seat, for Whose sake the Eternal Father has promised that He would always hear our prayers! I unite myself to Thee in offering to Thine Eternal Father this poor and needy heart of mine, contrite and humbled in His Divine presence, and desirous of making complete reparation for the offenses that are committed against Him, especially those which Thou dost continually suffer in the Holy Eucharist, and more particularly those which I myself have unhappily so often committed. Would that I could wash them away with my tears, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, and blot out with my own heart's blood the ingratitude wherewith we have repaid Thy tender love. I unite my sorrow, slight as it is, with the mortal agony which caused Thy sweat to become as drops of blood in the Garden of Olives at the very thought of our sins. Do Thou offer it, dear Lord, to Thine Eternal Father in union with Thy Sacred Heart. Render Him infinite thanks for the manifold blessings which He constantly showers upon us, and let Thy love supply for our want of thankfulness and remembrance. Grant me the grace always to present myself in a spirit of deepest reverence before the face of Thy Divine Majesty, in order thus to repair in some measure the irreverence and outrages which I have dared to commit before Thee; grant also, that from this day forth, I may devote myself with all my might to drawing, both by word and example, many souls to know Thee and to experience the riches of Thy Heart. From this moment I offer and dedicate myself wholly to propagating the honor due to Thy most sweet Sacred Heart.

I choose It as the object of all my affection, and desires, and from this hour forevermore I set up in It my perpetual abode, thanking, adoring and loving It with all my heart, inasmuch as It is the Heart of my Jesus, Who is worthy to be loved, the Heart of my King and sovereign Lord, the Bridegroom of my soul, my Shepherd and Master, my truest Friend, my loving Father, my sure Guide, my unfailing protection and my everlasting blessedness. Amen.

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